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Wedding videos are inexhaustible sources of inspiration for us. Each couple has a unique story to tell, to share. On your wedding day, we will be more than just wedding videographers, we will be by your side, discreetly, throughout this incredible day! As wedding videographers, we will be there to capture the heart of your story and the most intimate moments between you and your guests.

Live your day to the fullest,
we create your memories.

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wedding videographer Who are we ?

Two videographers recording a video of a woman in an evening dress

A passionate couple

Lucile & Kylian, a complementary duo.
Together in life, like behind the camera.
Our passion for images was born from our travels. Immortalizing our adventures through video was obvious.

We love the idea of keeping an eternal memory of a unique moment. Every event, every celebration of our life deserves to be immortalized!

Vidéastes de mariage

The wedding film is a compendium of emotions that we like to capture and make you rediscover, because yes, this day passes at high speed and you will not be able to see everything! 

Being two wedding videographers to make your video is an asset, we are each with one of you during the preparations, we capture the ceremony, the fireworks or the ball from the point of view of each groom but also guests. Finally, it is above all a man and a woman, two looks and two personalities for a result that meets your expectations.

A videographer, camera in hand, smiles with her colleague in the mirror
A videographer showing his work to his client on his camera

Caring and curious

It is important for us to know your background and your history so that your film is faithful to your day. We therefore want to meet you before the D-Day.

We are based in Angers, in Maine-et-Loire, however, adventurers at heart, we will always be up for an expedition with you in France or abroad to follow your great adventure!

Questions answers

Making a wedding video is a great way to preserve the precious memories of one of the most beautiful days of your life. The video allows you to relive this romantic day through a summary of the highlights. You will be able to relive your emotions as well as those of your guests.

Unlike wedding photos, video helps you hear again the music played during your wedding ceremony, the voices and the giggles of those around you. It also offers you the possibility of re-listening to the wishes of your partner, as well as the speeches of your loved ones. The wedding video will also be a unique memory that you can pass on to future generations.

The price of a high definition wedding video varies from one professional to another. It differs according to several parameters such as the experience and expertise of the videographer chosen, the quality of the service (creativity, duration of the recording and the other options offered) and the equipment used. The price of the service from the preparations to the dance evening for a film between 5 and 7 minutes will cost you at least 2500 euros (price varies according to the number of hours on site and the choice of services).

To obtain a quality video, we advise you to provide for its production, approximately 10% of the total budget allocated to your wedding. Remember that, like photos, video is a unique memory of your union.

Choosing a good professional like 1 Angle 2 Vue guarantees you an excellent quality wedding film. It is therefore important to choose a videographer who has professional and high-end equipment. We also advise you to choose your videographer by feeling, faithful to your image and not on the basis of the prices offered. For this, you must observe the different achievements of the videographer, his style, his website and his various social networks. His work must please you, touch you and correspond to what you are looking for.

Check if the chosen videographer is published on recognized wedding blogs. This reassures you of his professionalism and good reputation. The videographer will be present throughout the wedding and will share intimate and emotional moments with you. It is therefore essential that you are comfortable with the professional and that there is a relationship of trust between you. Talking upstream with the videographer allows you to have good contact with him.

One of the biggest fears of brides and grooms is not being comfortable in front of the camera on the wedding day. Are you also worried about feeling uncomfortable in front of the lens on D-Day? Request our services. We make your video spontaneously.

Apart from the preparations during which we may ask you to pose, you will rarely be asked to pose on D-Day. We also advise you to do an engagement session before the wedding. It helps you get used to the camera and feel comfortable on the big day.

Before D-Day, we will have to meet physically or by video. This gives us the opportunity to plan the course of your wedding day together. On the wedding day, we are as discreet as possible. We know how to capture the most important moments and the most intense emotions without disturbing you to tell your story. Designate a reference person (wedding planner, witness, relative) who will be aware of all the details of the wedding.

Once the report is finished, we proceed to edit the video. Compared to the work of a professional photographer, the post-production time for an editor is at least 3 times longer. The videographer will, in fact, have to carry out several operations (logging, storytelling, pre-editing, choice of music, video editing, sound design, colorization and calibration) before obtaining the final wedding video. This is why 1 Angle 2 Vue sets a time limit of 1 to 3 months for its bride and groom to receive their wedding film.

At 1 Angle 2 Vue, we have chosen to work mainly as a duo. This allows us to film the best moments of your wedding day from multiple angles. The ceremony is one of the most intense moments of your day. That’s why we use three different cameras to capture the moment.

To obtain a unique video, we film with drones the place(s) of your wedding in order to contextualize the video and bring greatness to it. One of our tripod cameras films the entire ceremony. We can thus provide you, in addition to the wedding video, a complete film of the ceremony.

To choose your videographers, it is essential to find out about the services offered by these professionals and to visit their websites and social networks. It is also important to appreciate the videos they had to make, focusing on the quality of the images, the editing carried out and the final result.

Also check if what the videographers are offering is in line with the style of video you want to obtain. We also advise you to choose your cameramanby feeling. At 1 Angle 2 Vue, the videographers will be by your side throughout the wedding. Trust us everywhere in France and abroad with the destination wedding. Meet us and receive your video which faithfully traces the history of your couple and your marriage.

In addition to the wedding highlight video, the flagship product, 1 Angle 2 Vue offers additional services that enrich the offers and possibilities, here they are:

Long version wedding video

Lasting 15 to 20 minutes minimum, the long version of the wedding video allows you to relive the moments spent during your day for a longer time. A film type “wedding report” that we watch passionately with those around us.

Full video of the ceremony

1 Angle 2 Vue records for you with an additional camera the entire ceremony (secular, religious, …) in order to fully relive your celebration and not miss any moment shared with your loved ones.

Drone’s shots

Present in most of our services, drone shots allow you to contextualize a place and greatly energize the shots of your wedding video. 1 Angle 2 Vue, wedding videographers, give height to your video thanks to drone shots. Your memories will never have looked so good!

Additional cameraman

Depending on the course of your wedding day and the services you want, we can recommend additional cameramen to be sure to capture everything. For example, it is recommended to be at least 3 cameramen for ceremonies with many guests, in order to immortalize for example the arrival of the procession or even the bride with several cameras and drones.

A few words from our grooms

Thank you for your investment, your help and your professionalism! You were perfect, you did everything to make this day as we had dreamed and for that we thank you.

Result: an incredible film, which we watched over and over again. Everything is there: images of exceptional quality, emotional moments captured, drone shots... If we had to do it again, we would do it 1000 times! A memory for life! Don't hesitate for a second to give yourself this wedding gift: the nicest you can get ♥️

The result is so beautiful, so authentic, nothing was asked because we didn't want it… moments captured on the moment based on our speeches… We thank them again for their kindness, discretion and professionalism... I recommend them so much, do not ask yourself any more questions, the video of your wedding is essential… THANK YOU<3

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